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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> in the news this saturday morning, murder in a quiet san jose neighborhood. a wife dead. and her husband, the suspect. we will hear from the young man they raised. general david petraeus resigns after admitting he had an extramarital affair. happy saturday. let's start at a look at the f. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, terry. it is a cold start. in fact, we're are talking about temperatures right at freezing this morning in san francisco. significantly warmer, but if we take a look outside, you will notice that we're down to 32 degrees santa rosa, 34 in napa, 48 downtown with 50 in oakland. so these numbers will continue to drop for the next several hours. we are talking about another chilly start to the day tomorrow. so we've got the cold air mass in place. in fact, a few isolated showers are lingering along the shoreline. we can't rule out that either but we will get into more
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sunshine in the afternoon. mid-50s to about 60 and a cold evening ahead. it looks like our seven day outlook is featuring more rain showers, as well. terry. >> lisa, thanks a lot. this morning police continue look for a san jose man whose wife was found murdered yesterday inside their home. police are look for this man, troy edward nosenzo. we talk with a man raised by the couple. >> the 28-year-old allen harper return to the home where he was raised by his aunt and uncle since he was a toddler. >> they have been together for 37 years and happy marriage. >> until recently he said his own bouts with the law and financial problems between the couple caused friction in the house t forced harper to move out. >> she had her problems and my uncle had his problems. people accuse each other and there's more problems. she didn't deserve to be killed. >> son hose police say someone made a 911 call from the home
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and then hung: then they found his aunt, the 54-year-old patricia nosenzo dead. they say her suspect is her husband, troy edward nosenzo. he said his uncle is soft-spoken but a black belt in several martial arts. there was been physical confrontations once between the two of them at home and once against harper's father who has never cared for him or his sib beetle. >> why did he beat up your dad? >> teach him a lessen. >> why. >> to take care of your kids and why should i be taking care of your kids. >> police say they have been to the house several times for problems between the two. troy nosenzo is drying a gray, 2006 silverado pickup truck with cover license played 807-0015.
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he's wanted for murder. i'm allen wong, abc7 news. the man whose holds our nations secrets has abruptly resigned. four-star general david petraeus cited poor judgment for having an extramarital affair. he's been called a matt in a hero. they said petaras had an affair with his buyographer, paul broad well. they said the relationship was discovered after the fbi saw e-mails that raised concerns. broad well is a graduate of the military academy at west point and spent 15 years. she is married with two children. petaras met holly at west point, his wife. and fine sign said i wish president obama had not accepted the resignation but i understand
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and accept the decision. here's peter king. >> obviously this hurts general petreas, but it hurts the country more. he's a man of extraordinary talent, extraordinary deadation, extraordinarily hard-working. >> this comes days before petreas was to testify about the attack on benghazi, libya that killed ambassador christopher stevens. good morning america will have for at 7:00 a.m. >> two residents have died from eating poison mushrooms. too others are in the hospital. in tuesday a care giver picked wild mushrooms growing at the home and cooked them as a treat. the mushrooms turn out to be poisonous. an elderly woman died yesterday morning and a second person died last night. they are investigating but sheriff's deputies say it appears to have been a tragic mistake. >> a third person connected to the vandalism and areasism of a san francisco muni bus is under arrest this morning. 24-year-old adam diaz of oakland was taken into custody yesterday ask charged with felony vandalism following the giants
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world series win. police tell us diaz is a man in this pictures, swinging a skateboard against the bus windows. officers are still looking for this man, who smashed the bus with a metal barricade. people continue to show their support of a local chp officer killed in the lean ever duty. about 100 people dahl tick for a fundraiser last night to monitor highway patrol officer kenyon youngstrom. he was shot during a traffic stop in september. the man who shot him was killed at the scene by another officer. officer youngstrom died the next day at the medical center in walnut creek. proceeds from the banquet will hip his wife, karen, and their four children. she was especially touched by how many people turned out. >> i am in awe how much people have showed their love and support for us. it's real beautiful. >> event organizer carolyn wilson didn't even know officer youngstrom and at any time meet his wife until last night but
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she, too, is married to a law enforcement officer, making her family in a larger sense. new this morning street sigh are lens in oakland took the life of a boy. police were called out about 7:00 last night where they found the victim suffering from numerous gunshot wounds and he died there. police are just beginning their investigation and so far have no information to give us on possible suspect or motive blew the family of oakland teenager allen buford who dade may 6th after being shot by oakland police will rally today. they reject last month he is findings by the da that the shooting was justified with no charges filed against the officer. at noon today buford's parents are going to be announcing independent analysis of the case conduct bed i civil rights lawyers. they blame the confrontation on the police's use of racial profiling. that will be followed by a march through downtown oakland. oakland city leaders are frantically trying to hold off
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the only of a federal receiver trying to implement reforms in the police department. it came out of a settlement in 2003 from the infamous riders trial. the four rogue police officers victimized more than 100 people according to court records. they feel nine years has been enough to implement the reforms. and they want the judge to appoint a compliance director, with a receiver with the power to fire the police chief and demand staff would cripple oakland. it's been refield the port officer ran up a tab at a trib club and had the port pa for it. james kwan submitted the bill for reimbursement. he is on paid leave. coming up next, praying for waves. some of the world's sov surfers gather on the san mateo coast, hoping this is the year they can hang pennant mavericks. also it feels like wintry mixner
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perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. >> members of the navy seals are? not water after consulting on a video game for redwood city's company. the army has disciplined them for revealing classified information. abc7 news business and technology reporter david loui has answers. >> the video game, medal of honor role fire puts players in the roll of special operations forces and is so realize tick the seven members of a seal team
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have had their pay docked. the game maker, electronics arts, better known at ea, isn't talking but dan shoe is via skype. >> this will be a lesson to others who might become consultants, whether it's for hollywood for games in the streets. i think they will be a little more careful about what they say. >> a former member of seal team 8 said no seal would divulge tactics, results or procedures that would jeopardize other team members lives. ea game doesn't give anything away. >> there's no planning involved. guys get killed, respond and go through the room of the doorway again. eye not telling you what tactics to use. >> ea has upped the competitive war games by using real life warriors. >> what do people want next? they are trying to find the next thing. but what's going on now in real life. >> will this put the chill on future games in students in training to become game developers at this college don't think so.
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>> deliver what the public wants in terms of games. so if society wants more realism, then it's our jobs to give it to them. >> if not the seals. >> where will game developers turn next tore help? >> we seem to have plenty of other people they en go to. retired generals, retired armed force guys who can definitely help us. >> don't expect to see medal of honor war fighter to disappear from store shelves. ea said they will not recall the game or amend any portion of the game in which the seals might have consulted. in san jose, abc7 news. >> american airlines and pilots have reached an agreement in rine pell on a new contract. it could help the airline to move from bankruptcy. the airline it trying to cut costs. pilots have been the only group of airline employees holding out for a better deal. skiers are waxes up the sticks this morning.
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squaw valley and alpine med dose are dig the out from a fresh foot of snow. up to 18 inches of snow fell on the summit. they will open up for daily operation today. if the snow and cold weather is also a boom for ski shops where customers are ready to hit the powder. >> hoping for a ban are season this year because last year we had season passes and it just was a total bust. big parts of the mountain weren't even open. it was totally dirt and this year we are excited about having a good start. >> well, closer to home for winter fun is this holiday ice rink in san rafael at the north gate mall. the rink opens at noon today. i guess there's parts the bay area where you could see some iced to. >> we have a frost advisory this morning. that's right. it's in the north bay. the valleys, the mountains so definitely chilly out there. numbers have dropped into the 30s. as we head outside, this is emeryville. the sun not up until 6:45. numbers will ten to drop.
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we are talking about showers as well. we will show you the radar and look at the prospects for more rain come our way next. >> we have a news reporter up there in the napa. she will have a live report on the chill in a little bit. also next the warriors play the struggling los angeles lakers hours after the lakers fire their coach and kobe bryant goes [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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>> welcome back, ebb. 5:17 on a saturday morning. we are looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge. right there at the toll plaza is where the camera is located. meteorologist lisa argen telling me that it's going to be in san francisco partly cloudy, temperatures in the mid-50s. but the best we are going to do today. but i'll also tell you that the winds are making it feel colder than that. and the wind was really gusting up in marin county a couple hours ago. so maybe bundle up. please dress like it's going to be in the mid-50s. that's what it's going to be. more from lisa in a few minutes. a health advisory is posted for the beaches of monterey county due to potentially dark russ levels of bacteria and other nasty stuff. health officials discouraged swimming in any county beaches where storm drains empty into the ocean. they say recent rains and run off are sending potentially dangerous levels of bacteria, viruses and chemicals into the ocean. swimmers could become ilunga-mbenga as a result.
5:18 am
advisory will remain in result for three days following the end of the rains. >> surfers from all over the world are on standby for the mavericks invitational competition near half moon bay waiting for some monstrous surf. take a look at the view from sky 7hd. it is beautiful. window for the competition opened yesterday with a prayer ceremony. abc7 news reporter has the story. >> sky 7hb hovered above half moon bay for the start of the mavericks invitational surfing contest. the 24 competitors and local surfers joined hands in the water for a prayer circle. >> they say another prayer. they all talk personally about what this all means to them and it's very special. it's sacred. >> rocky, the president and ceo of maverick. he's confident the conditions will be ideal. the last time they were able to hold the contest was in february of 2010. >> we are going to pull it off this year. the meteorologists -- in fact, your meet olympics jest, in fact, said it looks really good.
5:19 am
>> maverick is known for monster waves. >> even the best surfer in the world might not catch waves out here. it's like cut and dry, what separates the men and the boys. >> the waves are dangerous, even for spectator. >> you view it at the hotel. we are having a festival there. we are going to have big screen tvs. surfers will come in and talk to everybody after they are done with their heat. >> 30,000 to 40,000 people are expected to attend the event and that's exactly what the folks at the italian restaurant likes to hear. big crowds means big business. >> once they get here, then you got them. it's like going fishing. >> mavericks is a one-day competition. depending on how the conditions come together, surfers could get as little as 24 hours notice. again, they are saying that the conditions are looking good this year and it's looking especially good between now and christmas.
5:20 am
on the san mateo coast, abc7 news. if you are going to the beach for surfing, understandable. if you are going for a swim, maybe not today. >> no, no. it's really cold out there. we've got five to seven foot waves out there later on this afternoon at association beach. those temperatures are going to feel like winter. we have the frost advisory this morning. north bay mountains and the valleys. as we head outside this morning from the sutro camera, it is definitely cold out there. the sun not up until 6:45, setting 5:02. 5 hours, 16 minutes of day light. we have an area of low pressure. a little piece of energy from the low continues to rotate through the bay area. live doppler 7 hd, here it is. you notice the showers skirting the coastline of san francisco but they are headed towards monterey. we are looking at a few showers around salinas and gilroy this morning. otherwise partly cloudy skies. terry mentioned that wind.
5:21 am
we do have some wind gusts this afternoon on track to be ten to 20 miles an hour. not only cool, but breezy conditions, as well. we are up a degree from last hour in santa rosa. here's where we have the frost advisory where you see the blue from napa to santa rosa. san rafael at 46. but in the higher elevations in the protected valleys, those numbers are much cooler. be advised this morning and give yourself a chance to warm up, wet an extra layer out there and also the car. you may have to do a little bit of scraping. 46 in fremont. it's balmy 48 in redwood city. 50 half moon bay and 42 santa rosa. definitely cool out there with the frost advisory for the next couple of hours. it is going to be a cold start. in fact, maybe even a few snowflakes over the peaks. another cold morning tomorrow. i expect the wind to back off tonight and that will allow for the dryer air mass to cool quicker. so once again, we are looking at
5:22 am
30s and 40s to start on sunday morning. here's a look at that low. it has passed the bay area but a little piece of energy behind it providing the instability and the chance of showers mainly along the coast. so besides the cold start, an isolated shower mainly to the south of us and then we will get into more sunshine today. here's a look at what you can expect throughout the day. notice those showers ten to skirt south and into the santa cruz area. so we will end unwith a cool, partly cloudy afternoon with temperatures well below average. look at that, 64 in los angeles. starting out in the teens and 20s in the sierra nevada with some more snow there. about 30 in tahoe, 39 yosemite, upper 50s big sur and 58 calm springs. back home around the bay, look at these highs. just 59 degrees in oakland. fremont, san jose upper 50s. from palo alto to berkeley, numbers will be chilly. bundle up if you are headed out to the game there.
5:23 am
56 downtown, 55, remember those gusty winds at times, especially along the short line out of the northwest. 58 watsonville, 59 in va linas. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. we will do all again tomorrow morning with the very chilly condition. veteran's day features temperatures in the low 60s. childer come monday and tuesday but another system heads our way bringing a chance of showers north bay and then perhaps the entire bay they are thursday and friday. definitely a huge about face from what we had last week. >> it took a while for real autumn to get here but seems no doubt it is here. >> yeah, well below average, the temperatures today. >> thanks a lot, lisa. in sports at noon today, number 11 oregon state takes on 14th ranked stanford down on the farm. 7:30 tonight number three oregon plays value in the bears final hem game of the season. also ton the warriors host the denver nuggets at the oracle arena following last night's loss to the lakers. here's larry beil with the
5:24 am
highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the warriors were in l.a. last night with the lakers in complete disarray. they fired their head coach mike brown after a 1-4 start but that made them desperate against the golden state team that shot only 34% from the field. stone-cold. assistance bernie becker staff, the interim coach for the lakers, they actually got off to a decent start. steph cur are 18 in the game. brown installed, dwight howard to kobe bryant for three. lakers led at the half. to the third quarter, harrison barns, missed jumper. cleaning up. warriors down only by 4 but kobe willing the laketories victory. the runner, falling out of bounds. lakers up ten. metta world peace 0 for 10 shooting. what are you doing taking a three in he hits it naturally.
5:25 am
fourth quarter, kobe with the steal and lamb. he led the way with 27. who needs a coach? lakers cruise, 101-77. college basketball season opened last night. bay area showdown at oracle arena. first time these teams have played each other sense 2005. stanford, 3 of 7. stanford up 21-7. the dons battled back. from deep, 31-30. usf and stanford taking control in the second half. aaron bright gathers the loose ball in, takes it all the way and great passing by stanford here. this is powell with authority! he had a career high 27. stanford wins their season opener, 74-62. will it be the end of an era tonight in berkeley? cal is hosting number two oregon with questions about the future of cal head coach ted ford.
5:26 am
will this be his last home game? we flashback to two years ago when oregon came in as the number one team in the nation and they barely escaped with a 15-13 win. but the situation is completely different now. cal is 3-7. they are struggling. they got injuries. quarterback zach maynard and keenan allen are both hurt and the ducks average 54 points per game. >> it seems like they have, you know, speed all around the board now. in every position. so i think their team speed really stands out. i've said this before, their offense gets a lot of attention and deservedly so, but their defense is excellent. it's an all-around really good team. really good football team. >> you have to see this. nhra car driver jack beckman's engine explodes during a qualifying session in pamona. beckman was fine. the car cam video there, he walked away without a scratch. he joked later on if somebody wanted to donate a left eyebrow,
5:27 am
he would gladly accept. unbelievable. just walks out of the car like nothing happened at all. don't forget, we are have notre dame, boston college and college football at 5:00 p.m. on abc7 followed by another edition of lexus after the game at 8:30. hope to see you then. have great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> coming up next, abc7 news follows up on the evacuation of a peninsula hotel. you will hear from the doctor whose miracle diagnosis triggered it. >> i'm nannette miranda in sacramento. november is carbon monoxide awareness month but many californians don't have an alarm in
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♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> topping our news this half-hour, the election is behind them but the debate between republicans and democrats on taxes is just getting started. president obama meets with congressional leaders next week
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to decide which americans should get tax cuts and which, if any, should be taxed more. in his weekly address the president says the election showed support for a balanced approach, one that extends tax cuts for the middle class burks he won't accept a plan that doesn't and the wealthiest americans to pay more. republican response from house speaker john boehner said proposed tax hikes on small business owners would cost america hundreds of jobs. >> can't just cut our way to pros peerty. if we are serious,we have to combine cuts with revenue and that means asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more in taxes. >> here's the problem with that. raising those rates on january 1st would, according to the independent firm earns and young, destroy 700,000 american jobs. that's because many of those hit by the tax increase are small business owners. the white house said the president would veto any bill from congress from extends tax cuts for families making $250,000 or more. boehner said he won't consider
5:31 am
raising taxes but he would consider eliminating tax loopholes. a hercules city council member faces possible censure on advertise on an abc news indication of unethical and abuse of power. she's in hot water for silencing a resident over blog posts that she believed was critical of her. council will continue a draft resolution accruing devara of interfering with a premedicated, arbitrary and conspiring manner. over the summer the councilwoman allegedly pressured a engineer to stop a hercules resident from blogging about her. new this morning the financial benefit the golden state warriers would bring to san francisco is estimated at $54 million. the warriors plan to build a new 17,000 seat waterfront arena at the piers. is projects $54 million in one time revenue followed by
5:32 am
$19 million each year after that. estimate assumes the multi-use arena would hold events outside of basketball season. >> only on abc7 news we learn the back story after dangerous situation that happened on the pennens ness law. a hotel had to be evacuated thursday morning because of the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. it's difficult ting about sis. but a doctor who followed his instincts likely saved live in the process. vic lee has the story. >> at about 1:00 a.m. thursday some 500 guests were evacuated from their room at the embassy suites hotel. this after firefighters found a carbon monoxide leak in the swimming room boiler. earlier wednesday evening about six paramedics transported a guest suffering from an undisclosed illness to a hospital. a cat scan was performed on his brain. the results puzzled radiologist dr. greg limb. >> something just didn't look right about it. the harder i looked, the more i scratched my head. the patient had a high fever and
5:33 am
was not conscious. the doctor thought he might have had a stroke. but the results of the scan were different. he finally decided it might be carbon monoxide poisoning but was still not positive. >> i've only seen it once or twice in teaching files during my training. and i said, oh, my gosh, you know, am i going to make this kind of call? >> he told the e. r. doctor, karen. she also couldn't believe it. >> my first thought was we are in california, i haven't seen carbon monoxide poisoning since i was a medical student in chicago. >> the tests showed the carbon monoxide in the patient's system was abnormally high. but just about the amount of a heavy smoker. then his wife said he didn't smoke. he believes the c. o. readth were the result of the good work by the paramedics. >> and the fire department supplying oxygen to this patient
5:34 am
so quickly and in such a high flow, i think that's why the level was lower. >> after consulting with the pear medics, firefighters decided to go back to the hotel and test the grounds for carbon monoxide. they isolated the ceo and the hotel guests was evacuated a diagnoser disaster was prevent the. >> we are kind of like detectives, it's kind of like a real live episode of "house" or something. >> but neither doctor say they think of themselves as heroes. >> i'm just a small piece of the big puzzle, but i'm glad that the diagnosis i made led to the safety of a lot of other people that potentially could have been seriously injured. we have some good news. patient that was admitted to the mills peninsula hospital is apparently doing better.
5:35 am
we are toll he can now wiggle his toes, which is, the doctors say, an encouraging sign. vic lee, abc7 news. speaking of carbon monoxide, a new law in california mandates that all homes in the state must eventually have a carbon monoxide detector. we have a long way to go. right now only one in ten homes in the state has one. here's abc7 news capital correspondent nannette miranda with the story from sacramento. >> actually i did not know it was a law. >> she lives in a home that uses propane. but like so many c. families, she did not know about a-year-old state law that requires single-family homes to have carbon monoxide detectors. cal fire estimates only one in ten homes does. >> i don't. i have heard lots of sad stories on the news of families of that perished because they didn't have one. >> carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer because the gas is odor less and color less. according to cal fire, an average of nearly 500 people die
5:36 am
every year of carbon monoxide poisoning. it also sends more than 20,000 to the emergency room. that's why the c. o. detectors were mandated in california a year ago to save lives. november november is carbon monoxide awareness month because this is the time of year people start using heaters and don't know carbon monoxide is around them. >> again, people don't recognize the symptoms. they think they have the flu and they continuously subject themselves to high level of carbon monoxide. >> starting january 1, 2013, multi-unit complexes will also be required to have carbon monoxide detector installed. >> they are relatively inexpensive ranking from $20 to $40. authorities want to emphasize carbon monoxide detectors are not the same as smoke detectors. she is definitely doing some shopping this weekend. >> i really need to pay attention to that and go get
5:37 am
one. >> it's recommended that one be installed on every floor outside each sleeping area. in sacramento, man net miranda. a. will c evan news. >> coming up, a new tool to tight against skin cancer. and therapy when bringing veterans back from the war zone. let's look outside right now. a crist cal clear shot from atop mount sutro looking out. you can see the lights. temperatures today in san francisco, mid-50s max, some breeze to make it feel cooler and more from lisa argen in just ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good!
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>> this is abc7 news. >> bay area combat veterans trying to recover from traumatic injuries and experiences had a unique opportunity yesterday. they had the chance to swim with the doll finance.
5:40 am
it's part of a larger program to help vets transition back into civilian lives. we have the story from six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo. >> it's a smile that doesn't come easily for charles quigley, at least not recently, since he served in an army infantry in iraq. but here for at least an hour quigley and nine of his fellow veterans had the rare opportunity to swim with the dolphins at six flags discovery kingdom. >> i didn't want to come, i wanted to isolate today and getting out here today, doing this, it's amazing. really joyful day. >> these men are all in a residential treatment program called the pathway home at the veterans hospital. they all have either posttraumatic stress disorder or a traumatic brain injury. >> there's this cloud of hopelessness that hovers over them and a lot of that has to do with the fact that they don't
5:41 am
know how to decompress. they don't know how they are going to be or see a future. >> the goal of this program is simple, to help these guys get over their afternoon i-tis and learn how to relax again. >> learn how to relax and interact with the community in a positive way and learning how to be a civilian again. know that life is not all bad. >> bringing the vets here was mauerial snyder's idea. she's a volunteer with the pathway home who happened to swim with the dolphins for her 90th birthday. >> these fellows need this. they need to get away electric their horrible dreams and experiences and just look at their faces. i get all emotional. >> beyond the smiles this is also about creating new memories to replace those other terrible images these men are working so hard to forget. >> i'm never going to forget this. >> in vallejo, laura anthony,
5:42 am
abc7 news. >> lisa joins us now to talk about cold in some places this morning. >> it looks nice out there with some sun, but, boy, yeah, it has been cold. >> it wasn't bad this morning. 40s. >> okay. well, there. but frost advisory in the north bay. but from napa to santa rosa, we have temperatures around freezing. here's a look from the roof camera. it is in the 40s here. we will talk about the wind and frost and possibly more rain coming up. >> we aren't bumps, we are just adjusting. in the adjustment process. >> there you go. >> a new way for doctors to find out if you are skin cancer. it's fast, accurate, the doctor doesn't need to make an incision. >> you heard of overloading your washing machine. what about underloading in i'm michael finney ahead on 7 on your side. a machine that ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley,
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>> most appliances are designs with energicy in mind and one may have a flaw. it can stop everything on laundry day. 7 on your side michael finney is here to explain. >> richard hamline of san francisco is showing us what happens when he puts a small pile of socks into his front loading washing machine. he has to reset the machine. >> i accepted this. and i said, well, i have to put up with this and only to find out in the literature in very small print that this is endemic to this machine. >> here's what he found in the service guide. >> you can see in the very small print it said low too small. >> it says an unbalanced error message could mean the load is too small. too small? is it that mean he can only do
5:46 am
laundry if he has a lot of it? richard didn't like that idea. >> so i called sears, and i said, listen, i wish you said something because i might not have bought this machine. >> richard said sometimes the machine handled small loads just fine. other times it stops. he just wishes he would have known the potential limitations. >> so i called 7 on your side. >> we contacted sears, which makes ken more appliances. the company explains what happens with a front loaded washer. it said with small loads clothes tend to clump to one side and may cause the drum to bang against the cabinet in the spin cycle. the machine is designed to correct the imbalance by reversing the spin. if that doesn't work the machine stops and you get an error message. the solution? kenmore said add more clothes. richard is showing us what happened with that small load of
5:47 am
socks. it shakes noisily during the spin cycle and slows down and this time it completes the load. sears wanted him to be happy with his washer. he said here, come down and pick out a new machine. >> he swapped it for this new special washer, with a special setting for small loads. >> i'm thrilled. hey, i like the new machine. >> so far richard said the new machine has done small loads without a problem. it's not just kenmore. other washers can be sensitive to small loads. i would like to thank sears for letting richard swap out his washer. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. >> lisa argen is here. i'm looking forward to a report we got coming up in a few minutes from karen up in the chilly spots. >> the temperatures have dropped to freezing up there and they
5:48 am
are going to linger through the next several hours. definitely a good chance of the frost in the north bay. we head outside right now, it's cold everywhere. we are looking at the 40s in san francisco. so with that sun not up until 6:45, it won't be until about 8:00 when things begin to that you out. truckky is at 16. tahoe valley airport reporting snow and 22 degrees. so we are looking at live doppler 7 hd this morning. showers are dotting the coastline. they are missing san francisco, but headed to the south so perhaps parts of san jose may see a few sprinkles, as well as gilroy and salinas as a weak disturbance allows a little bit of energy to continue to slide south ever us. most of the activity to the east and things will clear on out for the state today. but, boy, temperatures are going to take some time to recover. still well below normal. just above freezing in santa rosa at 33.
5:49 am
35 in napa. 39 by the delta. elsewhere we are in the 40s with 46 fremont, 43 in loss got tas with oakland the warm spot. 51 at half moon bay, just 50 degrees. the water temperature is about 53. so definitely pretty cold out there. but it's looking like the temperatures are going to take below normal for the rest of the reckoned, as well. a little bit of wind this morning allowing for oakland to stay up in the 50s. elsewhere with the win are calm from santa rosa and napa, that's where we get the numbers dropping quickly. look at that wind along the shoreline, keeping the number at about 50. half moon bay. north wind gusting to around 17 miles an hour. we are looking at the temperatures throughout the next several days to remain cool with the frost advisory today. probably likely again tomorrow morning. and then we will look for a few areas of light snow perhaps around clear lake, up in lake county. and then that chilly start for tomorrow morning. so the area of low pressure went
5:50 am
through, brought that little bit of rain. but behind it still some cold, unstable air. you can see it all the way up from fort bragg town through point surf report and also throughout the central coast here. so with this cooler air in place, it is a cold start. we will look for the numbers to slowly modify, bringing some sunshine but that's not going to help too machine. we are still well below normal today and tomorrow. so we will look for the numbers today around the bay to stay in the 50s. 59 in campbell with upper 50s in santa clara. 58 menlo park, 60 in milbrae. and downtown today just 56 degrees. looking sunny out there for sure. but certainly cool, 52 bodega bay, 59 in oakland. and you head on inland and look at the numbers here still in the upper 50s with 58 in watsonville. 59 in salinas. so the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice the numbers try to warm up a little bit. but, you know, the warmest day of the week should be tuesday and that's before another
5:51 am
system, we are going to cloud up bringing a chance of showers mainly in the north bay and rain becomes likely by the end of next week. so we are definitely into our next season here. >> yeah. happy autumn. >> yeah. >> thanks a lot. a new device could help doctors diagnose the most deadly form of skin cancer more quickly and accurately and it has the potential of saving patients from unnecessary biopsies. health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the details. as an after i had runner, marcie logs plenty of miles under the east bay sun. but a decade ago while she was eight months pregnant the sun caught up with her. the biopsy was about this big. i ended up having i think close to 40 staples in my arm. it was a big scar on my arm. it was stage one melanoma. >> she still carries that scar and a growing number of smaller ones. evidence of her ongoing battle to stay astep ahead of skin cancer. >> i'm here at least once every six months. he does a body scan on me and
5:52 am
oftentimes he finds things that he has to biopsy and i've got the scars to show it. >> but today danville dermatologist jerome is going to check out several small moles on marscy's skin using a new noninvasive technology. it promises to cut the number of biopsies marcie needs. >> it is designed not as a screening tool for all moles but a suspicious moles that we want to get a second been on. >> the recently approved fda device is called malifin. he. it combines multiple light waves with a foe ton sensor. >> ready, one, two and three. >> the result is a multi-dimensional look of the makeup of individual skin lesions including layersiot visible to the naked eye. >> it analyzes the dedry of a symmetry and pigment throughout multiple layers in the skin. >> it use as series offal go rhythms to produce a score. >> we know from clinical studies the average score formal nopa is
5:53 am
about 3 .5. if something is zero are below we know it's almost certainly benign. >> still, there are limitations. the device is not currently spot common nonmelanoma cancers. the doctor said it's best used as an added tool to confirm a dermatologist's clinical judgment on questionable lesions. this woman comes for regular screenings ever since her surgery formal gnomon her shoulder. >> anything that could tell me that there was an irregularity under the skin or anywhere on me or my husband or children would be fabulous. >> a single scan costs $175 and right now it is not covered by insurance. biopsies are. but in marcies case the scan did offer the benefit of piece of mind out additional scars. >> you had a very low score which means the likelihood of this being melanoma is extremely low. >> carolyn johnson reporting.
5:54 am
carolyn says the optical system used was actually adapted from a defense technology originally developed to identify potential military targets. and how oracl alright let's break it down.
5:55 am
mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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>> here's last night's lottery numbers. nobody got them. national park waives entry fees for servicemen and women this veterans weekend. the yosemite is one of more than 400 parks to offer free admission today through monday. current and former service personnel, as well as reserve members of the armed forces and their families are eligible. the free veteran's day weekend has been observed since 2006. >> you may remember the oracle sailboat that crashed in the bay last month. part of it will be used in red
5:57 am
beautiful flight day competition in san francisco. the america's cup crew has transformed it's $8 million catamaran that was wrecked into a plane. 33 teams will launch flying devices into the bay at mccould have viola cove from a 30-foot platform. >> basically scrounge around the base and pick up odds and ends and come up with one. >> they hope it will help them move on from last month's training accident. it begins at 11:00 this morning. next at six. cold this morning in the bay area. real cold in the north bay. abc67 news reporter karen clapper brings us a live report in just a couple of minutes. a stunning resignation. the man in charge of america's secrets and why the head of the cia has stepped down. and the window for the maverick surf competition opened. we will hoe you the op
5:58 am
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